How this works

You can use Licensd to buy and/or sell digital media.

Downloading content from Licensd

When you purchase/request content on Licensd, you’ll be provided with a temporary, encrypted http link from which to download the file. Most files will download fine over http, however http was never designed for distributing large files. For files over 5mb in size it will be best to download the files from one of our two alternative methods.

For large files we will also contact you (usually within 24 hours) to provide you with a magnet link. Magnets are similar to torrents, however they do not use a tracker (like the Pirate Bay) to tell your client where to find the files. They use the distributed hash table which is a world wide ‘database’ telling a magnet client where it can download the files you’ve requested from. We guarantee to have at least one, and usually several, servers uploading files you’ve downloaded from Licensd. Once you’ve downloaded the file, feel free to continue to serve it for other Licensd customers.

If magnets aren’t possible we will provide you with a temporary FTP account to download the files from.

Selling content on Licensd

You can sell any licensable content through Licensd, including Music, Video, Images, Merch, Software, Books, Articles, Scripts, etc. We take a 30% commission, or a minimum of $1. This includes the PayPal fees incurred for any sale.

At the end of each month, if any of your products have sold through this website, we will transfer your earnings to your PayPal account.

Receiving Payments

We will transfer money to your PayPal account at the end of each month, when the amount due to you reaches $50 AUD or more. Sellers who have an Australian bank account can receive their payments on a monthly basis via direct deposit, regardless of the sales total.

Distributing Free Digital Assets

We can also distribute digital media at no cost. As an example, you might want to make a Creative Commons licensed asset available for free if it is for personal use, and request a fee if it is for commercial use. We can support free items, and items with both a free and a paid business model. We charge fees for sales, not for distribution, so the assets which are free will not incur any fees from us.

Distribution Licenses

You’ll need to know what kind of license/s you want to make your work available under.

If you are considering a Creative Commons license, their license generator can help you decide which license you want to use.

Affiliates Program

You can earn 5% of any sale on Licensd by reffering people to our website to purchase specific content.


We are non-exclusive, you can stock your product elsewhere.



Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds.


Licensd trades licensed media.

Download digital files, some free, some for a fee.

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